World Safety Barometer Questionnaire

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    Are standards and rules in place?

    E.g. electrical installations need to follow the guidelines of IEC 60364

    Is an initial inspection required?

    E.g. initial verification as performed by Consuel in France, Fesia in Japan, …

    Is a periodic inspection required?

    E.g. inspection of installations at regular intervals, as required in Belgium

    Must there be proof of the inspection by the delivery of an inspection report?

    Is there a mechanism for inspection of existing installations?

    E.g. the electrical diagnostic required in France when selling or renting a property

    Must the person carrying out the inspection be a qualified inspector?

    Must the electrical contractor or installer be a qualified person?

    Does the electric utility only connect the installation after having received a positive inspection report?

    Are consumers educated on the dangers of electricity?

    E.g. communication campaigns by government, utilities companies or manufacturers.

    Is regulation in place that imposes standards for electrical installations and initial verification?

    Are products in the market adequately labeled for electrical safety, and is this labeling system understood?

    Do manufacturers actively engage for electrical safety in the marketplace?

    E.g. training, ISO certification, compliance to regulation, …

    Is there adequate action on market surveillance from the authorities?

    E.g. specific actions such as ASEC in France fighting against electrical devices with serious-risk for users of electricity or ACI in UK fighting against counterfeiting.