Improving electrical safety regulations

Home electricity is very safe, if used in the appropriate manner. Unfortunately, this is not common practice in the majority of countries. The result is an unnecessary risk for electrically induced fires and electrocution. This project aims to raise awareness about these issues and demonstrate how policy and regulation can bring about a change. It was an initiative of the Copper Alliance, with the support of FISUEL and a worldwide network of experts.

The Electrical Safety Barometer

The level of residential electrical safety differs greatly between countries. However, before taking action, it is essential to understand and fully appreciate the gaps in current regulations and practice. The Electrical Safety Barometer aims to provide a benchmark to policy makers as well as guidance on how they can improve the situation.

13 major criteria

The Electrical Safety Barometer consists of 13 essential criteria. Each of these criteria has a weighting factor to enable the calculation of a general score for each country. Both FISUEL and world experts endorse these criteria and the weighting factors. With the assistance of local experts, we are applying the barometer in an increasing number of countries.

Latest country scores

Country Criteria unknown Criteria not met Partially fulfilled Criteria fulfilled Safety score
South Africa 0 4 1 8 60%
New Caledonia 2 0 2 9 70%
Turkey 1 5 0 7 50%
Côte d’Ivoire 2 3 7 1 36%
Japan 0 0 4 9 85%