Inspection report

At the end of an inspection, a report should be issued. This report can be considered as a certificate of the electrical installation, stating that the installation is safe for use, or a good report can be a “conditio sine qua non” before a certificate of conformity can be issued. This certificate should be limited in time.

The report should give a record of the testing and verifications carried out.

It should be clear what the extent is of the installation that has been inspected: were garages and other buildings that form part of the installation included? The whole installation should be included.

The report should also give a clear indication of the condition of the electrical installation. Al eventual damage, defects, deteriorations of the equipment should be listed in detail.

The report should state clearly if the (existing) installation is still safe to use and what needs to be done to remedy and to bring it back to a safe condition.

If any dangerous situations are discovered, the customer should be immediately warned so that he can take the necessary remediate actions to make the installation safe again.  This warning should be in writing, highlighting the severity of the situation and stressing the need for an urgent action.

The report should be kept with the installation. It can later be used when the next inspection takes place, either after for instance 10 years, or when the installation is extended or altered or renewed, or when the house is being sold or rented to someone new.