Initial verification

When a new installation is finished there should be an inspection to verify that all the requirements of the standards have been met.

It is important that a full inspection of the complete installation is carried out. This is to confirm that the electrical equipment and materials:

  • are in compliance with the safety requirements of the relevant equipment standards;
  • have been correctly selected and erected according to the relevant rules and regulations and to the manufacturer’s instructions, in order that performance is not adversely affected;
  • are not visibly damaged so as to impair safety;
  • are suitable for the prevailing environmental conditions.

The inspector should also check that the schematic diagrams and the “as installed” drawings are available.

After inspection, the following tests shall be carried out:

  • continuity of conductors;
  • insulation resistance of the electrical installation;
  • protection by SELV, PELV, or by electrical separation;
  • automatic disconnection of supply;
  • measurement of the resistance of the earth electrode;
  • measurement of the fault loop impedance;
  • polarity, functional, and operational tests;
  • voltage drop.